Meet The Sony A7R iii

Much to everyone’s surprise, Sony have announced the release of the new A7R iii. The new camera is the companies latest full frame mirrorless flagship. building on the strengths of the A7R ii and borrowing from the amazing A9



Even though it looks  pretty much like an A7R ii body, Sony have made some subtle changes: There is now a joystick for navigating the menus, a USB C port for power and even dual SD card slots despite Sony saying this wasn’t possible. 

A7R iii Dual Card Slots

There is is also a handy new touch screen for selecting focus points, and speaking of focus points the new camera boasts 399 phase detection points and 425 contrast AF points which according to Sony makes the A7R iii twice as fast as the A7R ii in low light situations. The rest of the experience should also be faster thanks to the updated BIONZ X professor.  

The A7R iii has the same 42.2 MP sensor as the A7R ii, however, this hasn’t gone untouched! The camera now features 10fps continuous shooting in both RAW and JPEG with af tracking (up from 5fps), 8 FPS continuous shooting in live view  Photographers looking to be more discrete will appreciate being able to shoot at 10fps with the silent shutter enabled  

One thing that the A7R iii borrows from the A9 is it's 3.69 million dot EVF and another thing is that the A7r iii uses the larger battery from the A9 and as well as now the camera has two usb inputs: A USB 3.1 Micro port for connecting accessories and transferring data to and from the camera and a USB C port for charging and powering the camera via an external battery pack. 

On the video front, the A7R iii  shoots 4K video as well as 120 fps 1080p like the A9 and can shoot video from the whole sensor and in Super 35 mode. The A7R iii finally has S-Log 3 and the camera supports the hybrid log gamma HDR standard, a feature also found in the Panasonic GH5. However it will only work  if you have a television or monitor that supports this. 

Sony A7R iii Video Sample

Effectively what Sony have done is made a budget version of the  A9, which is great for those who wanted the features of the A9 but couldn't quite justify the £4000 starting price.The camera is expected to be shipping alongside the also newly announced Sony 24-105 F4 lens, around the end of November 2017, and will cost £3,200 or $3198. What do you think of the A7R iii? Will you be buying it or missing it? Let me know in the comments down below!