Bespoke Photography Services:

At BCB Media, We have over 5 years photography experience and we offer a full range of services bespoke directly to you, and are always willing to try something different!

Promotional & Product Photography: 

Promotional photography is a perfect way to showcase your product and/or business.  These photos can be used to showcase your business or product as a whole or really hone in on a specific feature.  

These images work great across the web either on a main website or on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as a way of attracting new customers!

Real Estate:

It has been proven that property listings with sleek looking, professional photos are more likely to get clicks and views that listings containing one or two photos taken with a smart phone.  Photos often taken with a low end camera by someone with little experience fail to show the true nature of the property and the location surrounding it. 

Company Headshots/profiles:

First impressions count, and often that first impression a potential client has of you is through a profile photo on either your website or social media pages. So it is important that you capture yourself in the best light (Pun Intended).

Music & Gigs:

Shooting gigs is one of our favourite things to do, we've shot a number of local bands in the Southampton area including Myriad, The Forty Six, DJUNO and many more!


And Even More:

We strive to offer everything that we can! If you have an idea, we would love to hear it and help you to make it a reality. Don't hesitate to contact us whether it's by Email, Facebook or the Contact Us page. 

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