Creative Video Production

Music, Corporate and More!

At BCB Media, our video production services cover your project right from the initial idea to delivering the final product. We have a range of skills using industry standard equipment ranging from shooting your video, to creating motion graphics and animations in After Effects.

We work on a number of video production projects including music videos, corporate and promotional video, event coverage. We also offer video editing services to your already shot footage. Make sure to check out the links to the left to learn more! 


Stages of VIdeo Production:


First things first, the idea. Without the idea we can't do much else. You can either approach us with a finished idea ready to go, or we can work closely with you to write your next video, nothings impossible! 


So, we've got an idea, now it's time to make it happen. This stage basically involves us figuring out the best way to execute your project to fit your budget. We source locations, talent, any specialist equipment that we may need to hire. We also plan how the day is going to run, what shots we need to get, what equipment we need to bring and so fourth.

We may visit locations prior to shoot so we can plan how lighting is going to work and so we can recognise any potential risks at the location. 

The Shoot:

Time to shoot! This is what all the planning has led up to. Depending on the project, shooting can last from 3 hours to even 3 days. We recommend that you don't plan anything else for shoot days if possible, just incase on the rare occasion that we run over the planned time. 

The Edit:

Now it's time to take all of the individual clips we've shot and begin to create the finished product. You will receive at least 2 edited drafts of your video before the final thing, and this allows you to make any changes you wish. 

At this stage also comes colour and sound - both very important stages in the process. Our cameras shoot in what's known as a LOG format. This basically means, the camera records the image as flat as possible allowing us in the edit stage to really tweak and tune the image to fit the video without sacrificing quality.  

Sound is equally important as the visuals. If we're working with a composer on your project, something we do fairly often, it'll be around this stage they get involved and begin creating the music for your project. And we will do several passes of the video tweaking and tuning the sound mix to make it sound as best as possible. We test all of our mixes on a range of speakers ranging from phones, to studio grade headphones to make sure it sounds great on everything! 

Delivery & Distribution:

So, that's it, everything's done, we've emailed you a large video file and you're never going to hear from us again.


Unlike some companies who do this, we like to work closely with you to help you release your video in the best possible way. In the planning stage, we'd have asked you where you're planning to distribute so when it comes to editing, we can give you the best quality files. We're more than happy to help with posting and distributing on social media sites.