Music Video Production

At BCB Media, we're massive music fans, and as a result we love working on music videos!  A music video is a great way to  visualise your song to your audience and to promote your next release to the world. We can create create engaging videos that have gripping narrative content to fit perfectly to the song. 

If you're an artist or band looking for a high quality music video that won't break the bank, contact us using the button below! We're based in Southampton, however we frequently travel around the country to shoot! Currently, we're working on projects in Brighton, Milton Keynes, and Lincoln. 

We Offer Two main music video types:

Full production music videos: 

The fortySix - Are You Mine?

Read more about this project here

These videos are best suited to a full finished song, and can incorporate a narrative, actors, multiple locations, and more! We can assist with all steps of the process, from coming up with the idea right through to delivering the final edit.

Studio Performance Videos: 

Rebecca Christina Barry - Alone

Read more about our work with Rebecca

These videos are great way to showcase an acoustic or stripped back version of a song and  look great on social media! Often common with smaller artists as a way of getting in front of the camera without breaking the bank.