Web Design at BCB Media

As well as web design, we also offer SEO and Social Media Management services!


Why you need a good looking website:

Your website is often the forefront of your business or organisation. So in the modern, connected world that we live in, it makes sense to have a professional, sleek looking website. 

At BCB Media we are able to offer a bespoke web design service tailored directly to your needs. We use easy to use CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Squarespace and Wordpress to allow either us or yourselves to quickly update and make changes to your site in real time. 

We are able to either create a completely new and unique design, or breathe some modern, new life into an existing website. 

Our Web Design Portfolio:

Scott Martin Carpets & Flooring LTD

A Bit About This Project:

Before Scott came to us, he was running an old, slow website that hadn't been updated in months, it was so out of date that it still had his old home address on it and had pictures from over a year ago!

We where able to provide Scott with a new website that has a more modern and sleek design, is optimised for use on any device and will work on everything from a 4 year old phone to large screen tv (if that's how you browse the web). The new website is also easily updatable, and changes can be made within minutes in real time. There is even a script that pulls images from Scott's Instagram and puts them in the 'Examples of Our Work' section of the about page to keep the site regularly updated. 

Scott Martin Carpets & Flooring Homepage.